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weight loss over 50

How to shed your middle-age spread: six tips for success

Making weight loss work when you’re over 50 Having worked for many years in the weight loss industry, I’ve heard all the myths that older dieters believe cause them not to lose weight. “My metabolism has slowed down”, “I’ve been on so many diets, my body is now immune to them”, “It’s too late to start eating healthily”. But it’s not true! And it’s not too late to lose weight.   In fact there is really very little you need to do differently to lose weight over the age of 50, compared to any other age group. The biggest challenge is that the older we get and the longer we live the more time we have to get comfortable with the bad habits that cause the weight to creep on. I know. I’ve been there more than once. By last Christmas my own weight had snook up to the same ‘tipping’ point of fat frumpiness that made me join Weight Watchers 16 years ago.  If I felt fat and frumpy back then in a 38 year old …