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soup for summer

Soup: the healthy new ‘souper’ food

Souping, I’m reliably informed, is the new juicing. I’m really pleased about this because I have never understood the obsession with juicing. Soup is healthy, hearty and adaptable. Juice is often green, grim, full of fruit-calories and in my opinion overhyped. I find it really hard to get excited by people waxing lyrical about slimey, green and brown juice mixtures made of fruit and veg. Served on their own, whole or chopped up, they would be perfectly delicious and filling. But mushed together (spinach, apple, celery, kale…..really?) they not only look disgusting (and often taste disgusting), they’re calorie-laden too. The amount of fruit ‘calories’ that can be crammed into one juice is often more than anyone could possibly eat at one sitting if they were consuming them whole. That’s why I love soup or should I say ‘souping’.  Great for eating satisfaction, great for health and nutrition and great for being low in calories (thanks to all the water in soup). That means they are also great for maintaining my Grab Life Over 50 weight loss (1 stone …