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Skyr yogurt and red fruit

Breakfast – Icelandic style

    Icelandic red fruit breakfast This is one of my favourite breakfasts at the moment. It’s great to kick-start the day, especially when I’m watching my weight. Although it is very low in fat and high in nutritious fruit, it feels like a luxury, not a diet meal. Ingredients: 200 g Skyr yogurt  (2 Smart Points) Handful of frozen red fruit – cherries, blueberries (0 Smart Points) 1 teaspoon Splenda  (0 Smart Points) 20 g Lizzie’s low sugar granola (3 Smart Points) To make this breakfast, I bung a handful of the frozen fruit into a bowl in the microwave with a teaspoon of Splenda sprinkled on, to take the edge of the sharpness of the fruit. I really like cherries and blueberries best. Defrost/cook them on High for around 2 minutes so the juices are running and the fruit is nicely warmed up. Scoop 200g Skyr yogurt on to the fruit – or layer it with the fruit in a tall glass if you want to make this breakfast really visually pleasing, like I …

Iceland Mountains

10 hidden gems of Iceland

Although this was our second trip to Iceland – it most certainly won’t be our last. We failed, yet again, to see the Northern Lights, but this country has so many wonderful experiences to offer that it would be churlish to complain. Accompanied by our #GLO50 friends, Rachel and David, we not only took in some of the more well-known sights in the south-west of the island –  to be found in all good guide books – but we also discovered some real, hidden gems along the way. Here are our top 10. Visiting Reykjavik Hidden gem 1: Eric’s walking tour Eric is a local history graduate who’s turned his passion for the city into his job. His ‘Classic’ Tour highlights some of the most famous sights and then takes you beyond them, to reveal  more of the history, the culture and the stories of Iceland’s capital city.   Beginning outside the ‘pocket-sized’ Parliament building, he guided us through the old quarter of the city, through bustling shopping streets, past the  dramatic Hallgrímskirkja (the church below …