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Taking your dog to France: 6 things you need to know

A dog-friendly roadtrip to the French Alps With our grown-up kids all working this summer, we decided instead to take our dog Jacob, along on our latest holiday to the French Alps.  And what a joy! With a bit of preparation before we set off,  and given the French are very dog-friendly,  we discovered a great four-legged holiday companion. If you are thinking of taking your dog to France, we hope our experience will inspire you. 1 Preparation and packing for a dog Meeting passport and travel requirements It’s not difficult taking your dog to France. But we did find we needed to be sorting out Jacob’s travel docs a few months before we set off. A dog (cat or ferret…not sure why the third one is listed on government websites?) has to be microchipped, have all its vaccinations up-to-date and have a rabies jab before the vet can sign off on a pet passport.  Our local vet Sarah also flagged that we would need to find a vet in France to administer a worming …