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Film review: Eye in the Sky

More like Cry in the Sky. Emma and I went to see this film, based on some pretty positive reviews. Very good cast including Alan Rickman’s last appearance before his sad departure earlier this year. It is about the moral questions of drone attacks and collateral damage and the chain of command. As a drama it works OK even though it was clearly shot over a couple of weeks on three sets and one location. The interaction between the protagonists is done via an implausible mash-up of military grade Skype, army Snapchat and the MoD’s low spec version of WhatsApp. What doesn’t ring true (sadly) is the degree of moral analysis and high level scrutiny and challenge given to this one operation. From what I have read, operations like this have been happening on an almost daily basis for a decade or more. I doubt whether those involved would give more than a few seconds thought about collateral damage, especially if the strike was on a confirmed target as portrayed here. The reviews have been …