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The idea for this blog was borne out of our refusal to be defined by our age. Being a tad over 50 doesn’t make you invisible or useless or aged. But sometimes life (and marketeers) can make you feel that way. We’re out to prove you’re just hitting your stride when you hit 50+. Grabbing life over 50 is about living, laughing, learning, working and travelling.

About Emma & John

John and Emma

John and Emma

We married in our early 50’s and, as that modern phenomenon the blended family, we have brought together not just three grown-up children from our previous marriages but tons of varied life experiences too.

Now we’re on a journey to explore and share the best ways to make the most of a really exciting stage of life. No longer constrained by school holidays,  blessed with good health, armed with the means to live as we want to and with our kids still very close (in fact so close we’ve still never lived alone in all our 13 years together!),  we’re on a mission to grab life over 50 and enjoy it – and share it!


Emma: I am passionate about history, healthy eating, rediscovering the stylish me, staying relevant as a mum and staving off the ravages of time as best I can.

John: Being a child of the 60’s I love anything to do with space exploration and astronomy and science and technology. I have a bike which I must oil soon and I like to travel (usually with Emma).

Thank you Friends Reunited

We originally met back in the early 80’s (can’t you tell from the photo). We had lots of fun and dated on and off while we were at university, before going our separate ways, marrying other people and having kids. 18 years later – thanks to that pioneering, early social network Friends Reunited – we made contact again.

John and Emma 1984

Emma & John back in the 80’s

How Emma tells it…

By the time John came back into my life I had a young daughter and had been widowed for five years. He was dad to two youngsters and in the process of getting divorced. Our relationship rekindled over Friends Reunited (now demised) and soon we were dating – very slowly and cautiously – again. That was in 2002 and we haven’t looked back. We married in Cuba in 2014 with our three children, Sarah, Megan and Billy alongside us for the adventure. And we’ve only just started!


Our Big Fat Cuban Wedding

Listen to our story about Friends Reunited as told to Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5live in January 2016. 

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