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Life Flips

The Internet has created many flips for how we, as individuals interact with the world.  Let’s think about a couple of them.

50 years ago, 1970. It was very hard for any individual to find and speak to an audience of like-minded people. Today, social media makes that incredibly easy. Equally, in 1970 if you wanted to live a private life, you could. But today, it’s very hard to be ‘private’ and if you strive to do so, you are seen as a bit of a weirdo.

Going back further, factories had their own electricity generators in the basement, until they got on the grid. More recently, companies had their own servers in the basement until the cloud came along and made that an expensive, dumb and poor idea.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but these ‘flips’ happen without us really seeing it.  

Another one is the ‘Negroponte Switch’. 

Nicolas Negroponte predicted, in the 80s that TV, which came through the air, and phones, which came through wires would flip.

He was right of course. Phones now work through the air and TV works best through wires.

These ‘flips’ are happening, or will happen very soon in the world of work.  Covid imposed a huge experiment on the way office based people work. That experiment has been successful. Many people don’t want to go back to commuting.  The shift or flip in 2020 won’t go back to the days of 2019.  Those days are over.

That has huge repercussions on how city centres work, how urban transportation works and how commercial property functions.

Make no mistake, this ‘flip’ is as big and long lasting as the cloud and grid electricity was in its day.

Today, home and hybrid working works. It’s been proven so in the Covid world of 2020.

So strap in, stay home, get connected and flip the feck out of this new world.

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