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Find out how to eat 10 fruit and veg a day

10 fruit and veg

Finally my embarrassingly, extra-large veg habit has been vindicated with the latest report from Imperial College London.

As a dedicated grabber of life over 50 ( or #GLO50 for short) I’m always up for doing what I can to stave off  the ravages of heart disease and cancer. And having been a fan of Weight Watchers over the years,  I’ve grown to depend on lots of fruit and veg in my daily diet (they’re almost all 0 SmartPoints in their counting system). It can sometimes be almost too embarrassing to eat with others, as I down a whole bag of wilted spinach, a pile or carrots or (often ‘and’) a mountain of Brussel Sprouts with my grilled chicken or tuna.  

So here is how I get my 10-a-day. Tell me how you do, or don’t, get yours……

Emma’s easy recipe for 10 fruit and veg a day: 

Breakfast summer fruit: Eaten with my perennial favourite Icelandic breakfast = 1  portion of fruit and veg

my simple weight loss breakfast of Skyr yogurt and red berries

My go-to breakfast: Skyr yogurt and red berries. Sprinke granola or seeds on top for added crunch.

Fruit: A crisp Conference pear and an apple during the morning = 2 portions of fruit and veg

All year round salad: OK there’s been a run on Iceberg lettuce lately but you can always find some leaf-based salad in the supermarket (forgive me the food-miles). My favourite salad lunch comprises leaves, chopped up raw courgette, baby corn, tomatoes and Pepperdew peppers topped with tuna in spring water, capers and a drizzle of dressing = 2 portions of fruit and veg

10 fruit and veg

How to eat 10 fruit and veg a day

Home-made vegetable soup: It’s so easy to throw some veg in a big pan with water and a bit of veg stock. I’ve just made  Kale and Turnip soup – tastier than it sounds – and a warming bowl is a great way to beat an afternoon hunger dip. Here are some soups I made earlier.  I award myself  = 2 portions of fruit and veg

3 veg dinner:  I always have at least two or three veg with my evening meal, usually easy things like steamed carrots,  broccoli and green beans – and LOTS of them. They are so filling and cheap (compared to meat, fish or ready-meals) and it doesn’t feel as bad going back for seconds of veg instead of more mash or pasta (although I have been known to do that too!). Creating a veg-based dish also makes it easy to add to the 10-a-day. Check out my Sicilian caponata recipe = 3 portions of fruit and veg

Banana: For good measure, and just in case I didn’t get my 10 portions of fruit and veg already, I may treat myself to a banana in the evening, perhaps with some sugar-free jelly or a bit of low fat yogurt = 1 portion of fruit and veg

Now let me know how you get your 10 fruit and veg a day. Or if you struggle to eat 5!



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