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Essential tips for a cushy canine life: the dog-friendly way

Jacob the JRT

Jacob’s tale

On C-day (Chipping by law day) #GLO50 Jack Russell,  Jacob,  reveals how every self-respecting dog can create a ‘bona-fide’, dog-friendly care team to ensure they live life to the full.  As taken down by his human Emma.

Meet Jacob the urban Jack Russell

Hello. I’m Jacob the miniature Jack Russell. Welcome to my world.

Now that we dogs all have to be chipped by law, we need to make sure our humans take our overall care very seriously. Here are my essential,  ‘owner-friendly’ tips to making life over 50 as cushy for a canine as it can be (I’m 9 in human years, which makes me the grand old age of 63 in dog. I still look good, don’t I? Woof, woof…..).

It is a dog's life: my humans and me

My humans and me

Find your local dog-friendly coffee shop

Nothing ensures a good walk with your humans than a good coffee shop at the end of it.  Find somewhere that will let them shelter inside when it’s cold or raining. I have it on good authority that there are no laws preventing dogs from going into cafes. It’s down to the discretion of the manager or owner. So behave well. No barking. No fighting. And you may get in.  I just love Paws for Coffee, created for dogs and their humans. It’s at the gates of our local park in Hampton Hill. Meet my mates…

There’s usually a free bit of sausage in it for me when we go. And there is even a menu at doggy-eye level. Hmmm, what shall we have today?

Puppacino is my favourite doggy beverage (goat's milk & black pudding)

Puppaccino is my favourite doggy beverage (goat’s milk & black pudding)

You can find out about canine-friendly cafes in your area too.

Make friends with the landlord at your local

Same as with the coffee shop, a dog-friendly pub increases your chances of walks with your humans, particularly if they can’t resist a pint or a glass of wine of an evening. It’s a great place to catch up with your local canine community too. Landlady Paula can always be tapped for a doggy treat at The Rifleman round the corner from my pad.


And the Sussex Arms near Twickenham Green offers good dog snacks too. Let me show you round…

Select your human walker

I know, I know, it’s a travesty that my own humans don’t always walk me themselves. But apparently they have these things called jobs that take their attention for part of the day. So having a trust-worthy and friendly extra human on my canine care team to take me out is great.

Rana, my lovely walking human

Rana, my lovely walking lady picks me up a few days each week

Thank goodness for Rana from the Dog Squad. I might grumble when she comes to get me (after all I’m a selective Jack Russell not one of those bouncy,  ‘I love everyone’ spaniel types). But that’s just a test. And Rana passes every time. She patiently sees past my growls to get me out of doors in rain or shine and takes me on great walks with my doggy friends. If I’m poorly, she’ll even pop by and spend some time indoors playing with me.

There are thousands of good dog walkers like her all over the UK

Vet your vet

If, like me, you have luxating patellas (bad knees), suffer from bald patches now and then or need your toes clipping regularly, then you need a good vet to take care of you.  Sarah, at our local branch of Medivet, is very kind and tries to put me at my ease when I have to go – but I am alway very nervous. Most recently I needed a rabies jab, in order to qualify for my very own Pet Passport. It’s even got my picture in there – just like my humans.


I also star in a pet insurance display at the vets to warn of the dangers of scoffing chocolate and getting very sick. Luckily I recovered after an overnight stay there. The nurses liked their cuddles with me….woof woof.

Jacob at vet's

Don’t eat chocolate!

Connect to canine social networks

I have to depend on my humans for this but it’s well worth using Facebook to keep up with distant mutty mates. There are a couple of dogs I enjoy following. JackJack is a very handsome and intelligent Jack Russell Cross. And Reggie is the smiliest staffy I’ve ever seen.  Dog Friendly UK keeps me up-to-date with lots of other doggy news and the endeavours of humans to find lost dogs (it’s good to know they care!).

Now tell me about your essential canine care team.

Who else keeps your canine care ticking over nicely?

And let me know if you have any tips for travelling to France. My humans are taking me with them this year – all the way to Evian. Are there any good dog-friendly stops along the way? What are your tips for travelling doggy-style? Woof, woof.

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