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Light up the night. Don’t miss out!

Drive past Chiswick House in south-west London at night and you may be surprised by the eerie glow coming from the grounds right now. It’s actually the light from hundreds of amazing, giant Chinese lanterns – part of the first festival of its kind in the UK celebrating Chinese New Year.


This event offers a magical, illuminated experience as you wander through the gardens of Chiswick House in the dark.

Find your astrological sign as a lantern  – Tiger for me, Pig for our friend Gary and Rat for John and Gary’s wife, Jackie.


IMG_5043 IMG_5041


Watch your step as you come across Chinese warriors on guard ….


Coo over the sweet pandas frolicking amongst the trees


And simply enjoy all the sights and ingenuity of this glorious, technicolour celebration of Chinese lanterns.


The event is on until 3rd March 2016 so there is still time to get along if you live nearby or are visiting London soon. We got our tickets slightly cheaper buying ahead from the Time Out website.

DO wear warm clothing when you go. The walk around the grounds is quite a long one and it can get chilly round the nether regions if you haven’t come prepared. We missed our hats and were thankful for our gloves!   Small children might struggle unless they are well wrapped up and a buggy might be advisable if they’re not keen walkers.

John says:

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here we are in a short video we made of the evening …..ahhh.

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