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100 tiny tips to pro-ageing

Actually the 100 tiny tips are in fact 100 fine needles that are gently inserted into the lines and wrinkles on my face each month to help reduce the ravages of ageing. I call it acupuncture but  it’s often known by practitioners as facial rejuvenation.

Sadly it can’t radically change how you look (like an invasive, surgical procedure might) but I do believe in its claim to help slow down the ageing process  and brighten the complexion and skin, especially immediately after each treatment.



Pro-ageing is the buzz word right now for women over 50. Apparently this means we’re not trying to look younger (hmm…..) but instead we are all about looking healthy at our real age. Don’t get me wrong,  I WOULD LOVE TO LOOK YOUNGER. But given I didn’t start with supermodel looks in the first place, nor am I keen on botox, fillers or surgery, using acupuncture needles for facial rejuvenation seems to tick the pro-ageing box and perk up my skin into the bargain.

What is a facial rejuvenation session like?

The first thing that comes to mind is how relaxing it is.  When I go to see my practitioner Sasha we  have a chatty catch up for 10 minutes or so in her warm and comfy consultation room. That’s when she asks me about my general health…..digestion, headaches etc….and any updates on specific issues I reported at my previous visit. She then studies my face to note the areas she will work on (quite a lot of them!) and any changes since last time.


With the ‘formalities’ done, I hop onto the bed where she applies numbing cream to the most sensitive areas of my ‘free-of-makeup’ face. While this is taking effect she starts putting a small number of needles into my feet and hands – all part of the facial rejuvenation experience, tailored to each individual. If I’ve had a problem with sleeping or stress she will insert a few more needles in the places that Chinese acupuncture indicates are helpful. Usually my head or chest. This whole procedure takes around 20 minutes or so and it’s only on the really sensitive areas of my face (around my eyes and mouth) that I feel the occasional stinging or tingling sensation as some needles are tapped gently into place.

Is it my make-up free face or the needles that are the scariest thing to look at?

Is it my ‘make-up-free’ face or the needles that are the scariest thing to look at?


The zen-like trance I often slip into when she leaves me – all needled up –  to relax for 20 minutes is amazing. It can feel as if I’ve been in a deep, deep sleep. Other times I become aware of a slight disturbance in the room, only to discover I’m being interrupted by my own breathing (I refuse to admit to snoring!!).

I can’t say I understand Chinese acupuncture theories or if there is any proven science behind this beauty treatment. But I can say that I really enjoy it and it seems to work for me.

Tell me more about your favourite pro-ageing treatment in the comments box below.

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